Measure your job applicants, employees, team members, or association members skill levels.
Assessment Studio provides a versatile set of tools to execute skills assessments.
Participant Enrollment
  • Simple participant enrollment.
  • Participants may complete the assessment in a proctored environment or at home on a personal computer or mobile device.
  • Assessments may be completed multiple times to establish trends that will improve your visibility to the clients progress.
Participant Dashboard
  • Participant results are summarized in an informative visual dashboard.
  • Summary graph of each assessment showing trends of each question.
  • Detail graph for each question showing trends over time.
  • Objective summaries for assessments that have objectives defined.
Organization Dashboard
  • Informational view of your utilization of the Assessment Studio application.
  • Stats for each configured assessment
  • Monthly stats of participant usage.
  • Item analysis reports.
  • Topic summary reports
  • Random selection of assessment items.
  • Shuffle items.
  • Over 20 different question types.
  • Timed assessments.
  • Assessment programs, define a series of assessments.
  • Automatic retries
  • Real time scoring and grading.
  • Restart assessments
360° Assessments
  • Associate participants to teams
  • Drag-n-drop assignment of raters
  • Name and gender templated assessment questions
  • Assign assessment by role.
  • Aggregated reports
Item bank analysis
  • Item P-value by groups
  • Topic analysis
  • Category/Property analysis
  • Answer Distribution
  • Export for advanced analysis
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Pricing Options
Easy Start
  • Minimum commitment
Exam Fee's
  • $40 per exam.
  • no minimum exams per month
Setup & Authoring
  • $250 per assessment
  • $5.00 per question, after first 50 items.
  • $100 credit applied to first 3 months usage fee's.
  • Most common plan.
Exam Fee's
  • $35 per exam.
  • Minimum exams per month: 20
Setup & Authoring
  • Basic setup and authoring is free!!!
  • $5.00 per question, after first 150 items.
360° Assessments
  • Multiple assessments per report.
Report Fee's
  • $150 per 360° Report.
Setup & Authoring
  • Price based on assessment(s)
  • Estimates for advanced branding and custom assessments are provided on request.
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Contact Information
(573) 268-7380
Enginet Technologies, LLC
503 E. Nifong
Columbia, MO 65201
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